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Obojętnie : Wspólny wyjazd (wyprawa, podróż, itp)



Jestem z: Katowice Dodano: 15.09.2016.
Znajomy w jednym z alpejskich ośrodków poszukuje ambasadora lub ambasadorki sportów górskich tego regionu. Funkcja marketingowa: region zaprasza kilka razy do roku na swoj koszt w Alpy, a potem płaci za promowanie regionu: blogi, filmiki na youtube, funpage na FB, oraz prezentacje foto na spotkaniach podróżniczych.
To trochę praca marzeń dla miłośnika gór - ale że wymaga dyspozycyjności, której nie mam, chętnie odstąpię zainteresowanym. Ogłoszenie poniżej:

Ambassadors of the Alps – mountain sports
Are you an outdoor, mountain multisport lover? Student or freelance with flexible working hours and dates? Do you have blogging, vlogging and public speaking experience (in your native language)? If you meet these characteristics, apply for Europe’s best part-time job: Ambassador of the Alps.
Spend 25% of your time (3 months yearly) in our region, trekking, climbing, bicycle riding, skiing or snowboarding, whitewater kayaking and canyoning. Blog, vlog and speak about it – to promote our region in your home country (available for Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Russia). Spend time of your life enjoying your hobbies for free – and then get paid to talk about it.
Wonder, what it takes to get this job?
1. Multi-sport practitioner. It is rather about “doing it all” that “doing it on professional level”. No need to be Olympics winner, but some experience in mountaineering/trekking is a must. Same goes with either skiing or snowboarding: one of the two must be your real passion. When it comes to other sports, the more you practice the better, but you do not need to have experience as long as you are willing to learn – and do it fast. Rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, canyoning and whitewater kayaking are on the top of our list. But other – e.g. cave exploration or gliding – are welcome, too.
2. Basic experience in social media and/or blogging, basic writing experience is crucial. Vloging or Youtubing is an extra plus..
3. Ability to deliver photo-slideshows and presentations at travel conferences and fairs, easy going attitude and networking skills are a must.
4. Communicative English or German.
5. Time and location flexibility – we expect you to spend up to 6 bi-weekly shifts in Austria, dates defined upfront by us. Freelancers, students, part-time workers or independent self-employers only.
We welcome candidates of all ages, genders and background, providing they meet our conditions described above.
Should you be interested, send us your CV and a photo portfolio, which proves your experience and genuine interest in mountain outdoor sports.

ponieważ nie mam upoważnienia do podania danych znajomego na forum, prześlę jej na priva zainteresowanym - proszę o kontakt na rafal[<@>]szkolenia-menedzerskie.pl

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